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2021 ITC Piovene International Study program

A fantastic opportunity for high school students to be involved in the Italian culture while studying at ITC Piovene, Vicenza, Italy.  A basic level of Italian is required although being fully immersed in the language and doing after school lessons, you will find that students will be able to pick the language fast.


ITC Piovene is in the heart of the historic Palladian city of Vicenza which is in the northeast of Italy, 50 minutes to Venice and Verona, 2.5 hours to Milan and 3.5 hours to Rome.  Vicenza is home to the famous architect Andrea Palladio which hosts some of his masterpieces, like the oldest covered theatre in the world, The Olympic Theatre.  


ITC Piovene academics are languages, tourism, business and economics and is ranked to be one of the best high schools in Vicenza.  With approximately 1,300 students registered in 2019, the high school is divided into two buildings with new technologies and most importantly with a fun and friendly environment.  No uniform is worn throughout Italy, although the appropriate and acceptable appearance is required at all schools. 

Weekdays start at 07:40, to which teens are to swipe in every day Monday - Friday, and school finishes at 16:15 on Mondays and 13:40 on Tuesdays - Fridays. 


For students who choose to study for a year, students’ results are posted online where students and parents are able to check their/their child’s attendance and progress.  Parents can have the possibility to have live skype conversations with their child’s teachers if requested.


ITC Piovene is close to public transport, 30 seconds to the city’s bus stops and a 15-minute-walk to the bus and train stations.  



Homestays are checked by our agents on accessibility to the school, cleanliness, comfort, and Wi-Fi.  Even though host families have full responsibility for our students, our teens are monitored monthly and have the availability to contact our agents 24 hours a day for emergencies. 

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